Here is a little representation of work I did throughout my college courses.

Nöz Project

For the Global Tech Experience program we worked to create a Shoptify website for the hypothetical sunscreen brand Nöz. This presentation was a cumulation of all the research and projects I created for this company.

I learned how to :

  • create an e-commerce website
  • identify a target customer
  • create an empathy map
  • create a value proposition
  • use brand visuals
  • use brand photography
  • research and apply SEO keywords to the website and blog
  • optimize the landing page with beneficial UX design and important CTA buttons
  • A/B test on webpages
  • create promotional offers
  • create cart abandonment emails

Charity Water Project

We got the chance to work with an amazing company called Charity Water. They want to see a world where EVERYONE has clean water. I was charged with the task to create a new donation program for college students.

I created :

  • a new landing page
  • organic socials content pillars
  • retargeting ad creatives
  • chose influencers to partner with
  • created organic social content following their brand guidelines
  • created paid social strategies, ad targeting, and content
  • researched and create an ambassador brand strategy for them to implement

Apollo Productions

I worked with the Google analytics of Apollo Productions to analyze their website and social media accounts in order to create a presentation that offered advice and guidance on where they could improve.

Misinformation Infographic

For my Media Literacy class, we were tasked to create an infographic on the topic of misinformation within the media. I chose to share tips and important information regarding news avoidance and misinformation. You can read the entire presentation on my blog.